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Welcome to LearnAboutGuns.com. This web site is dedicated to preserving the individual right of law abiding citizens to possess firearms for self defense as well as sporting purposes. I created this site after recognizing the growing threat to our right to keep and bear arms, and hope to both dispel the myths surrounding guns and “gun crime,” as well as to provide useful information to those who already support firearms rights. I also provide examples of armed self defense from the news, although those make up just a tiny percentage of the millions of such self-defense gun uses that occur each year.

I also hope to persuade those who don’t currently support gun rights, through the use of polite and well-reasoned arguments, including information about why I have a gun. I firmly believe that polite debate, which focuses on the issues and facts rather than on personal attacks and hyperbole, is what we as a society need when it comes to important issues such as gun rights.

Information that may be helpful to people who are new to guns is available here too. This includes information on selecting a firearm for home defense, selecting the ammunition for home defense, firearms maintenance, safe and responsible gun storage, reviews of various guns and accessories, etc. While I do not provide legal advice on this website or via email, I do, from time to time, discuss my thoughts on gun-related legal events from the news.

I also have taken a few moments to address myths about gun stores and their customers for those in my demographic (African American).

Another goal of this website is to encourage my fellow firearms rights supporters to do their part to protect gun rights. This includes joining the NRA, the ISRA, and taking further action to help safeguard and expand our gun rights. Without the involvement of gun owners in the political process, the anti gun groups will succeed at taking away our gun rights.

Those who have a gun related question that is not already addressed by this site are encouraged to contact me, and I will likely be willing to write an article addressing the question (although I must respectfully decline to offer legal advice). I’ve tried to write articles addressing many of the questions I can think of, however I’m certain there are many areas I have yet to address. Since the goal of this site is to “learn about guns, feel free to ask away.

The Gun related book store and DVD store contains the books and DVDs which I recommend.

Finally, don’t forget to read the disclaimer & privacy policy and copyright notice.

Main Categories:

Gun and Accessory Reviews – Reviews of various firearms and accessories.

Gun-Related News – Regularly updated gun-related current events. Includes legislation, events that have taken place, and commentary.

Guns 101 – Very basic gun information, geared towards those who don’t know much if anything about firearms yet.

Help Protect Our Gun Rights – You can participate in the political process to protect our 2nd amendment rights.

How-To Guides and Other Info – Getting started with responsible and lawful gun ownership in Illinois, along with technical information about guns, cleaning guns, etc.

Links – Links to other relevant sites.

Pro Gun Rights Articles – Articles discussing general firearms related issues, from a pro-firearms perspective.

Armed Self Defense Examples – Real life examples of citizens defending themselves with a gun.