Body-Armor-Wearing Home Invader Shot in Self Defense by Armed Resident

As reported, a Rowan County, NC man shot an armed intruder in self defense, saving himself and his father from a second violent home invasion that week.

Police and the homeowners say that on Monday of last week, armed robbers broke in and held the family at gunpoint, forcing them to hand over their valuables before fleeing.  The homeowners reported the home invasion robbery to the police, and made sure that they would have shotguns on hand to defend themselves in the future.  The robbers reportedly came back to the home on Friday of last week, and told the homeowner that they were going to kill him and his son for reporting the first robbery.  After being beaten by a robber, the homeowner’s son is said to have grabbed a shotgun and fired at one of the robbers in self defense.  The other robbers reportedly fled, and police arrived to find one suspect, who was wearing body armor and a black mask, suffering from a gunshot wound and lying in the home’s garage.  Two suspects, Timani Starks and Tiffany Horne, have been charged with multiple counts of robbery in connection with these events thus far. Starks has also been charged with attempted murder.

As this case shows, an armed crime victim is in the best position to defend themselves and their loved ones from violent criminals.  Had this homeowner and his son not armed themselves for a future home invasion, they could very have been killed by robbers who were angry that the family had gone to the police after the first home invasion.  Thankfully, this man and his son were prepared, and survived a second violent attack in under a week.  Simply put, armed self defense works.

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My thanks to Anders for pointing out this self defense case.